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Extract relevant information from various sources like blogs, YouTube, and Wikipedia.

THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED. Please check out our other related projects.

(e.g. or

Alternatively, upload a file to process:

The file should be in plain text format, with one URL per line. See the example file.

InfoExtractor not working? You may want to try our newer tool SOCRATES.

About InfoExtractor

As a web service, InfoExtractor is a framework that helps you extract structured information from a supplied URL. For example, you can enter a URL of a YouTube video and InfoExtractor will extract a number of associated attributes (title, tags, view count, comments, etc.) in a format that can be easily exported, analyzed, or plugged into something else. Try it above!

Check out our Facebook Harvester, soon to be integrated into InfoExtractor. Also coming soon - The New York Times Crawler!

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Supported URLs:

  • Youtube Video Pages
  • Youtube Profile
  • Facebook Profiles & Pages
  • Wikipedia Entries
  • Huffingtonpost Posts
  • Blogcatalog Blog Posts
  • The Heritage Foundation Blog (The Foundry)